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लाटवियन ऑनलाइन कॅसिनो साइट्स

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लोड करीत आहे ... After the proclamation of independence in the early 1990s, the लाट्वियन gaming industry thrived. However, until 1998, it was completely uncontrolled. Later, however, it was created Inspectorate for Control over gambling and lotteries. By 2013, already 17 licenses have been issued. And by 2012, the turnover of gambling companies in the country amounted to more than 180 million euros, most of which have brought slot machines.

Over time, the gambling laws of the country has gradually tighten control over the sphere of gambling industry. In 2016 the decision was made in लाटविया to increase the size of the tax on gambling. This decision and a number of other stringent measures to restrict the scope of gambling led to the fact that the number of gambling was gradually reduced in the country. At present, there are 5 casinos and just over 300 gaming halls XCHARX it is almost half compared with 2007.

List of Top 10 Latvian Online Casino Sites

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शीर्ष 10 सर्वोत्तम यूरोप ऑनलाइन कॅसिनो 2018:

गायन, नृत्य जुगार यांचा अड्डाऑफरसाधने कॅसिनो खेळा

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Online gambling in Latvia

The market of online gambling in the country was legalized and regulated in 2003. All sites online gambling in लाटविया अर्पण लाट्वियन players gambling must undergo compulsory licensing and pay a tax of 10% of all revenues. However, there are plans to change the laws of online gambling in लाटविया, which became the object of attention in युरोप since 2011, and has not yet been fulfilled.

According to the law of 2014,  all online gambling establishments in लाटविया, including the most famous पोकर rooms from around the world should be registered in the country to legally provide their services to citizens of लाटविया. At the same time, constantly expanding the list of blocked sites gambling online gambling, which today has more than a thousand domains.

Sites online casino accepts players from Latvia

ऑनलाइन कॅसिनो साइट्सची सूची पहा जे खेळाडूंकडून स्वीकारतात लाटविया, आणि उच्च दर्जाचे आणि सुरक्षित खेळ अर्पण येथे आपण स्लॉट मशीनवरून कॅसिनो खेळांपर्यंतच्या मनोरंजनाची विविधता शोधू शकता जे नेटवेअर, मर्कूर, आयजीटी, नोवोलीन, मायक्रोगमिंग, बाट्सॉफ्ट, रिव्हॉवल गेमिंग आणि इतर बर्याच प्रसिद्ध सॉफ्टवेअर विक्रेत्यांकडून जगतात.
आपण आमच्या वाचू शकता आढावा ऑनलाइन कॅसिनो साइट्सचे, सर्वोत्तम ऑनलाइन जाहिरातीबद्दल माहिती असणे, बोनस आणि त्यातून उपलब्ध असलेले पेमेंट पर्याय लाटविया.

Gambling in Latvia

लाटविया – a country with a sophisticated elegance, famous for its amber, salmon and great views of the Baltic Sea. The narrow streets of Riga, Jurmala and the famous resort on the northern restrained, but no less beautiful nature – all this is the hallmark of this country. And that’s how things are with the casino business in लाटविया and whether there is an opportunity to play in this country in the online casino and we will try to clarify in this article.


कॅसिनो इन लाटविया:

  •    The history of gambling from 1990 to the present day;
  •    Illegal international operators blocked;
  •    If the international operator is not blocked, it is allowed. But it may get to the list of illegal at any time;
  •    Local operators are licensed and offer their services in the Internet space. These are sites like: Optibet, Olympic Casino लाटविया, Joker Ltd, viensviens.lv, XCHARXDLVXCHARX, XCHARXAlforXCHARX. All 6 are on .lv domains;
  •    In Riga, 30 land-based casinos. Located in the hotel. 18 + passport;
  •    How to start playing in an online casino? Rules and tips.

Learn more about the most famous casinos in लाटविया and about the interesting facts, read our article.


Latvia laws on gambling – historical background

In Soviet times, लाटविया fully comply with the legislation of the USSR and gambling on its territory was conducted. In the course were the only state लॉटरी. August 21, 1991 Latvia declares its independence, and from this date in this country begins its path of development of the gambling sector. Major events and legislative solutions we present in table form for clarity.

वर्ष कायदे आणि बदल
1990 The first casino “Riga” in the eponymous hotel. Casinos operate under license, but they give a few gos. authorities – local authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Finance. In practice, this leads to the fact that no one knows exactly how many of the country which issued the license and how casinos operate.
1994 The adoption of the first laws “On lotteries and gambling” and “On the duties and taxes on lotteries and gambling.” These laws regulate the payment of taxes on gambling, as well as set the size of fees for issuing licenses and permits to engage in gambling.
1995 Foreign companies can have no more than 49% of the operatorXCHARXs share capital. Organization of the Latvian Association of Gaming Business.
2005 The new law “On Gambling and Lotteries” – tightening requirements for the organization of the casino and to the visitors. It should be a video surveillance system, enhanced security, labels, informing about possible gambling addiction.
2014 Since June 1, the beginning of the blocking of international ऑनलाइन कॅसिनो and betting operators that do not have a license in Latvia. Lock is engaged in inspection supervision of the Lotteries and Gambling (Lotteries and Gambling Supervision Inspection- IAUI). Officially, can work only those online operators that received licenses is in Latvia and meet the requirements of the law and pay taxes regularly.


खरं तर हे कायदे प्लेअरसाठी काय?

ऑनलाइन कॅसिनो in Latvia:

  •   Illegal casinos in Latvia blocked Internet operators. If you have access to an online casino, so it can be played.
  •   A brief summary. There is access online – you can play. But the list of illegal sites is constantly growing, be careful. If your casino will be in the “black list” of the access to the account will be difficult to remove and can only win you from another country.

Offline Casino Latvia:

  •   typically found in hotels;
  •   between the ages of 18 and a passport.


How to start playing in an online casino?

Let’s see what you need to do in order to play at an online casino was enjoyable, rather than a problem.

  1. Does the game legally in the online casino? At present in Latvia the situation is such that what is not prohibited and is not blocked – enabled. If you have access to the site, then you can play. Sometimes casino sites themselves block users from certain countries by IP address. Full information can be found directly on the casino site.
  2. आहेत ऑनलाइन कॅसिनो reliable? For this you can use our list of trusted casinos and clarify their legality in the territory of Latvia (the regulator can add the site at any time, so the 100% guarantee on the list, alas, no one can not give. Or yourself to find the right online operator. Main on you need to pay attention:
    • Licensed ऑनलाइन कॅसिनो are publicly available;
    • Work experience at least 3 years;
    • Player’s comments (positive and negative);
    • The presence of feedback – contact details, e-mail, chat;
    • Licensed software known developers (Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, etc.);
    • protection system – SSL encryption, verification of personal data.
  3. Is there a suitable payment method for adding or withdrawing funds?
  4. एक आहे का? बोनस system? What wager and “acting out” conditions? What are the loyalty program?
  5. Are there any games that you like? It does all clear information about casino games rules, site navigation?

Once you ask yourself these questions – you’re almost ready to start the game. We recommend that you test at the beginning of the casino without deposit (usually there are free games), as well as read the game rules and advice on bankroll management if necessary. So you can get the maximum pleasure and minimize the loss of their funds.

Casino in Riga

In the capital of Latvia about 30 gambling establishments of various sizes. Let us consider the two largest and most luxurious XCHARX of Olympic the Voodoo CasinoआणिRoyal Casino.

The first of them belongs to the company of Olympic Entertainment’s Group is , which owns a network of gambling houses throughout the Baltic region, as well as in पोलंड, Slovakia, Belarus and इटली.

Do not worry, the casino has nothing to do with black magic. This first class restaurant, located in Hotel Radisson Blu near the Old Town. There are a lot of slots, tables for रुलेट, ब्लॅकजॅक आणि पोकर.

Every Friday and Saturday at the Olympic Voodoo Casino live music in the bar these days it is a pleasure to sit.

A little further from the center – Royal Casino Spa is Hotel & Resort . Old, very beautiful, very large entertainment complex with a nightclub, a bar, a restaurant and, of course, a casino.

The gambling part of the complex looks very expensive – gold, glitter, vintage things, which resembles the royal chambers. Royal Casino hosted World Championship of निर्विकार , as well as the Unibet the Open .

Traditional games – slot machines , रुलेट,ब्लॅकजॅक , etc..

Dress code in both institutions if there is, very “soft”. Just get dressed decently and no problems will not be input.

Passed 18 years.


Riga, Latvia: “Paris of the North”

For centuries, Riga was the most important and largest city in north-eastern युरोप. Now in the Latvian capital, is home to a little less than 700 thousand people.

Riga is located on the banks of the Daugava River, for which he has repeatedly compared with Paris. Like in Tallinn, Riga has an amazing जुने शहर , caught in a loop of the times, as well as a number of buildings in completely different styles – from Gothic to Art Nouveau.

Latvia’s history is complex and heterogeneous. The country does not again find themselves at the center of the confrontation of the great powers. Numerous wars have strongly influenced the modern image of Riga.

Fifty years Latvia was part of the Soviet Union and gained independence in 1991.

In 2014 Riga will become युरोपियन Capital of Culture.


Latvia on the map of Europe

Latvia on the map of Europe


Riga attractions

1 जुने शहर: the maze of streets, cobblestone, a unique medieval character. Be sure to check out the Town Hall Square. There are a lot of interesting things. From Baroque buildings, art nouveau and gothic eyes do not tear.

In the old town of many churches – such as सेंट पीटर चर्च . Until recently, by the way, it is the tallest building in the city XCHARX more than 120 meters.

Ibid – Cat House, three historic houses called Three Brothers, Dome Cathedral and, of course, the Riga Castle. Unfortunately, this summer the castle was severely damaged by fire, irrevocably lost thousands of exhibits and books from the library.

2. Freedom Monument: one of the symbols of the city. It looks like a statue of a woman holding over his head three stars. The stars symbolize the three provinces of Latvia. It was established in 1935 in honor of the fallen fighters for the independence of the country. In the Soviet period, the monument would carry, but still left.

Around the Freedom Monument is a park where you can stroll and enjoy a cup of coffee.

3. Central Market:  south of the old town there is a huge market where you can buy everything – clothes, food, books – and with a reasonable price. The market is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A significant part of it is located in the old hangar originally built to serve the airships.

Tourists can not ignore such a unique shopping center. It’s safe, but be careful it’s worth: such a place – a paradise for pickpockets.


Facts about Latvia

लोकसंख्या: 2 million people.

क्षेत्र: 64.589 m 2.

भाषा: Latvian, about half the population speaks in रशियन.

चलन: Latvian lat.

How to get to Riga: direct daily flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev and other cities; trains also run every day. To enter Latvia Russians need a visa.